IF comp 2009 – Yon Astounding Castle!

October 23, 2009

Yon Astounding Castle.  I’ve heard tell of ye!

Oh dear, i see it’s written with Adrift.  And in Olde Worlde English too.  Joy of joys.  How lucky am i? Can’t say i’m looking forward to it.  But then, who knows?  Maybe it’ll surprise me.  So, on with the raping and pillaging.

Good morrow yon feisty wench.  <nudge nudge, wink wink>

Oh, and work was shit, thanks for asking.

I confess, i didn’t give this one the time it deserved(huh!?!).  No, i gave it a lot more time than it deserved.  Oh, that was harsh.  I regret it already.  Especially since i spent all of 10 mins on it.  I don’t know whether it was the headache brought on by the Olde Worlde English stuff(although it couldn’t have helped), or the fact that it’s clearly a faux medieval type thing or maybe just the fact that i simply wasn’t in the mood for this kind of nonsense today, but i just couldn’t bring myself to go any further at the moment(and i hadn’t got far).


Alright, what i’m going to do is this.  I’ll hold off on a rating until i’ve played all the rest, and then, and only if i get time before the voting, i’ll return to it and see if i can face it.  Who knows, maybe i’ll love it.  But seriously now, i just can’t face it, and since this is my little universe with my little words in it, i’m just gonna say… oh nothing really!

Updates are highly likely for this one.

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