IF comp 2009 – Rover’s Day Out

October 22, 2009

Urrggghh!  Are you seriously telling me this next one is another sciency-fictiony thingy?

I mean, seriously now.  ANOTHER ONE?

Oh Ooohhhhkkkkaaaayyyy then.  But for the love of all that’s fluffy, ANNNOOOTTHHHHEEEEERRRR ONE? <ge’ez!>

Anyway, this is about rover.  And his day out.  Apparently.

<clear phlegm from throat> …and let’s go.

Starts off well.  I always like a game that makes me feel like there’s a little creature inside my laptop.  You know, those ones that tell you what the you’re thinking as you’re going along.  Or like in violet, when he hears her voice trying to get him to concentrate and get on with things, and reminds him of things that happened in the past.  You know those types?  They’re cool.  I like those types.  This is one of those types.

We’re part of a simulation.  We appear, in fact to be the ACU(some part of the computer running the simulation i think.  Didn’t think to find out about it.  Must do that next time(which reminds me, you can find out a whole load of stuff by using the remember command, which i didn’t.  This is another cool thing, but i didn’t use it …much <eek>!))

I like the little blue bits by the way(that’s the bits where David and Janet talk to each other while the simulation runs), which run throughout the game and add that special little something to it.  This is the bit i mentioned above.  Ya know?  The bit about the little creature inside my laptop.  Except this time there’s two of them.  I really like that.  I might have mentioned.  And they’re people too.  Not creatures.  But i still really, really like that.

So, having established that we’re in a simulation, we find through examining stuff that we have a little to-do list.  It appears we must do stuff in this particular order.  The reason for this is explained by our little laptop inhabitants a little later.  And i really like the explanation too.  I really, really like it.  I’ll tell you about it i think.  Shall i tell you?  I will.  I’ll tell you.  Comfy?  Cos this is important.  The simulation is actually mirroring the stuff that the ship has to do.  Oh yeah, it’s a sciency-fictiony thingy, remember.  Space and ships and crap?  Any-hoo, the ACU in its simulation is doing stuff in a domestic setting that tells the ship what to do in real life.  Get it?  It’s good.  I like it.  I really, really like it.  You really notice how well this works with the plunger scenario in the bathroom.

>push plunger left

You adjust the plunger handle leftwards. Hmm. That was a step in the wrong direction.  Something about the plunger just doesn’t look proper. The handle of the plunger is leaning a little bit to the left. Furthermore, its handle is twisted a little bit counterclockwise.

>push plunger left

You adjust the plunger handle leftwards. You know, the plunger actually looked better before.  Something about the plunger just doesn’t look proper. The handle of the plunger is leaning half-way to the left. Furthermore, its handle is twisted a little bit counterclockwise.

>push plunger forwards
You adjust the plunger handle forwards. Oh no! You’ve made it even worse.

This is apparently different each time the game is played so you can’t just type the walk-through word for word.  I thought at first i was gonna be there forever, but it’s actually quite quick and easy if you take note of the feedback it gives you.

Then, when you finally get it right, you really begin to appreciate the link between what you do in the simulation and what happens in real life to the ship.

The plunger stands perfectly straight, just the way you like it.

The cottage’s aging plumbing rumbles and vibrates as the toilet flushes.

David: That’s it. One long burn down to the planet’s surface. <italics are mine>

Taking care of business is also quite entertaining when you realize that shit and piss are implemented.  Don’t think i’ve come across it before, except like this.

Real adventure do not use such language.

And that’s no fun.  So well done there too.  I like that.  I really, really… (i’ll stop with the really’s now.  It’s annoying, i know.)  So anyway, i take care of business.

>sit on toilet
You sit on the toilet seat.

Well…everybody poops. Even wanna-be adventurers.

You complete your business with great aplomb.

You’ve already done your business. Keep trying and you might strain yourself.

<hee hee>

So, on we go to make breakfast, which is simple enough.  A little bit of guess-the-verb syndrome when filling rover’s bowl with water, but i can forgive it since i’m enjoying this so much.  Now we have to let rover out((deploy rover).  So cool!))

>open door
Rover looks up when he hears the door begin to open. Rover slips out the door.

Janet: So, that’s it. Rover goes out, gets the probe, and
brings it back to the ship, and then the information
is squirted back to MARSpace.
David: Well, congratulations, Doctor Xiang, on a job well
done. I say we celebrate tonight, and get up early
for the launch tomorrow morning.
Janet: It’s a deal. Give me ten minutes to make the final
commit, and I’ll join you.

David: I’ll put the champagne on ice. <italics are mine>

I like the interaction between Janet and David.  It adds an awful lot to the game and really draws me in.  I feel like i want to read every word just in case i miss some smutty or clever or funny comment.  I like that.  I really, really… what?  WHAT? So, i’ve not yet finished this one(work, work, work.  Ya know?  What d’ya mean, what’s that?  I’ll give ya what’s that? young misses-m’lass) but i already know where it’s gonna be in my little rating chart so i can justifiably do this little review without fear of being stoned to death or anything.

Oh and… i really, really, really liked that!

Lets sing and dance in joy and celebration, shall we?

fluff, fluff, fluff, fluff <to the tune of your favourite ditty>

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