IF comp 2009 – The Duel in the Snow

October 17, 2009

Snow.  Yes <can’t beat IF with snow>  Although i’m not seeing santa anywhere.  Anyone?  Awwww! what?  No santa?  Well no fluff for you then Utkonos.

You’ll be seeing a lot more brackets from now on my little followers of fluff.  I seem to have slipped into a strange habit of using those(admittedly cute) little dashes( – , dashes. see?) and i refuse to submit to their cuddly, hypnotic ways any longer.  I simply REFUSE i tell you.

So, Utkonos my ‘ol mucker.  What’s with the lack of jollyness?  Not a santy in sight.  Cripes, it’s just occurred that maybe, just maybe i missed him(or her, could be a girly type(Well, did you ever meet santy?(My God, mega nested brackets! i’m so cool))), but it’s probably not likely, i know. <sigh>

Well, santy or not, i’m still gonna review your snow-filled(white and fluffy(can’t go wrong there)) feast for my knobbly little fingers(can fingers be knobbly?)

Did you like those bracket examples?  I think they add a little something, don’t you?  Of course, this raises a rather aggravating little head-scratch, namely, do you put a full stop inside or outside the bracket?

Or maybe not at all?

Ge’ez!  Brackets, huh? What’s them about?(better than dashes though, i bet)

Now, lets at ’em.

>X snow

Don’t eat yellow snow!

Hah!  No, it doesn’t actually say that at all, silly.  This game has quite a lot of snow.  I like it.  It tells me a lot about Russia.  It probably snows a lot in Russia, judging by the amount of the stuff lying around.  Can you have gratuitous snow i wonder.  Gratuitous or not, the descriptions are quite well written(although not lengthy) and manage to set the scene very well.

I really felt the snowyness.  And it’s nearly christmas too.  I love chrimble, don’t you?  All that snow, no doubt.  So, i’m having a dream.  I know straight away it’s a dream, since it’s quite clearly a serious story(set in Russia you know), oh, and there’s a windmill walking past!

A windmill walks past.

You are very thirsty.

>x windmill
A towering windmill on wooden legs strides past, nodding its sails.

>follow windmill
You follow the windmill for a while, but it doesn’t lead you anywhere new.

You stir in your sleep. Perhaps it’s time to wake up?

Hah!(again) I knew i was asleep.  I wake and wander around a bit.  Again, room descriptions are generally good.  Can examine various stuff, and take stuff and etc…  The poetry book that you find when sitting in the armchair has some interesting poems, some hinting at a mind on the turn, but mostly just a nice little aside(or is it?)

But, aha! i know what you’re for, my sneaky little bookie.

>put book in breast pocket
You cram the book into the breast pocket of your overcoat.

I knew it <yay me!>  Now that was too easy.  So, after a long, long reverie in which Kropkin tells many, many anecdotes and your so called friend Gronovskij laughs(oh how he laughs), we eventually find ourselves in a carriage being taken to the duel which the reverie so thoroughly tells us about.  (it was only after that i discovered i could have just punched him straight away(and maybe i should have, but did our snow-loving Utkonos consider us non-violent types? well, no.  No he didn’t))

So, i’ve arrived at the field in which our duel is to take place secure in the knowledge that my life-saving book of poetry is in my breast pocket ready to snag a passing bullet.  But, lo! what’s this?  The sodding bullet just goes straight through and now my coat’s all bloody. <yuk>

Again, i only discover afterwards that it was in fact the innocuous looking stuffed owl(what?!?) that i should have put in my breast pocket.  Well, of cooouuurrrrssseee.  <fool!>  Why would i put a book of poetry in my breast pocket(love poem alert… love poem alert) when i could just have easily put a STUFFED BLOODY OWL there?

I’m sorry Utkonos, little guy(i pictured a big, bad, looming type up ’till now(you’ve no-one to blame but yourself)), but that just makes no sense whatsoever.  Stuffed owl? – Poetry book?.  Yeah.  Stuffed owl, for sure.  That’ll make sense to ’em.

NO, UTKONOS.  NO! <even bigger sigh>

Aside from that, little guy, it was a pretty good ride.  Just, please pretend you mixed up the words owl and book and have done with it.  Please?  For me?

Oh go on.  You know you want to.  I’ll give you some fluff.


Don’t eat yellow fluff!

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