IF comp 2009 – Star Hunter

October 17, 2009

Right then.  What’s next on the good ol’ randomized… Awwwwww shit-on-a-stick, not another sci-fi thingy surely to God.  How many’s that now?  Must be several dozen by now, huh?  Well, it damn well feels like it.


It’s not that i don’t like sci-fi.  I’ve read a few in my time, and watched(and sometimes even enjoyed) the odd flick or two as well.  But, for some reason, i just never seem to get it in IF.  Oh well.  Let’s just get on with this thing then shall we <huff>

But don’t expect any favours.  Any of you… <sulk>

That’s not a verb I recognise.

That’s not a verb I recognise.

Not a good start chummy.  Not a good start at all.


Fair enough, we get our help at this point(no credits though.  Won’t get rated by everyone now ya know).  But i have to say, i usually like my help to come with nice dollops of menu, like custard really.(it didn’t say any of that when i typed help, by the way.  It just said it.(what d’ya mean, what do i mean?))

Your sleeping quarters (on the pallet bunk)
This small nook functions as your bedroom here on board ship. Exit to the north.

Fair enough.  It’s the ol’ tried and trusted sleeping quarters bit.  Nothing wrong with that.  Apart from it being sci-fi(again!).

>x nook
You can’t see any such thing.


Anyway, it seems i’m some sort of archeologist or treasure hunter or some such.  Now, i just want to expand upon my not liking sci-fi in IF for a moment.  I like IF that has well thought out characters that make me want to care about them.  I like real people with real feelings and emotions, even if they’re in a weird or unlikely or way-out situation.  I really cared for snow white in Alabaster for example.  Not because it wasn’t a  sci-fi game, but because the character was believable, and i truly enjoyed being with her and conversing with her.  I think what i’m saying is, i was given the chance to look deep into the character’s soul and find out a little about her.  And i don’t think it’s enough to say, well this is a comp and they had all the time in the world to work on Alabaster(you can say it if you like, but i’m not listening).  Just look at the first lines in Alabaster,

Dark Woods
It is a moonless night. The lantern light does not reach far. You are seldom frightened in these woods, but tonight is unusual.
Snow White is with you. Her wrists are bound behind her back. She has made as much of a nuisance of herself as she could, deliberately stumbling over every root in the dark, until you had to half-carry her this far.

Do ya see what i’m driving at? There’s so much to make you want to continue in just a couple of sentences at the very beginning of the game there, but at no point was i ever even slightly encouraged to take an interest in my character here, let alone empathize with him.  And i’m not saying it’s just sci-fi stuff that suffers from this affliction, but i do think that sci-fi encourages more of this type of distancing from the characters than may otherwise be the case in other genres.

<phew, what was that about then?>

I really hate ranting about this stuff, especially when(and i’ve said this before somewhere) it’s clear the author put an awful lot of time and effort into it.  It seems to me that that’s usually the case anyhow, but never-the-less, it still wouldn’t hurt to have made the game a quarter the size, and work a little more on the main character(s).

I’m rambling now.  I can feel myself rambling.  Look what you made me do Star Hunter.  Rambling.  Do ya hear me?  RAMBLING!

So, it hasn’t got the lengthiest descriptions i’ve ever come across(pretty sure i’m repeating myself there too) but what there is isn’t badly written.  The main character could have been cut out of card, but i’ve covered that already.  Gets a little repetitive(as far as i got that is) and there’s a fair amount of stuff that isn’t implemented(but then that could probably be said of a number of comp games).  And…

…if i can’t get somewhere fast with this one soon, I SWEAR TO GOD… well i’ll, i’ll look at the walk-through, that’s what i’ll do.  You see if i don’t.

Have you seen the walk-through for this one?  It’s HUUUUGGGGGGE.  I’m not doing that.(i told you.  No favours!)

Screw you guys.

I’m going home.


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