IF comp 2009 – Byzantine Perspective

October 15, 2009

Oh dear.  I feared this more than anything.

Emily Short says,

‘[…] after reading other reviews: it looks like a lot of people didn’t get this, and therefore didn’t like it as much.’

Well, i hold my hands up.  I’ve said it before and i’ll no doubt say it again, i am stupid!<no really, not kidding>  i didn’t get it, although i certainly knew something was going on – ok, it said that in the text – but you know what i mean.  The goggles were special, everything was weird and not as expected.  Nope, i didn’t get it.  But the second half of the above sentence didn’t really ring true for me at all <woo-hoo, yay me!>  I enjoyed it immensely.  And i think that was due to me not getting it more than anything else.  As i’ve said in one of my other reviews, i think there are too many games that are simply ok.  They plod along ok.  They are implemented ok.  The story or vignette advances in a more or less ok fashion etc… etc…

This one did something different to that.

And that is why i think i liked this one so much even though i couldn’t for the life of me figure out what in the name of the Great IF Goddess <that’s you young lady> was going on.  I knew the rooms when viewed through the goggles were not where i was seeing them, but why?  Was i a ghost?, was i psychic?, was i drunk?,  or was it all just a matter of the rooms revolving or moving around randomly as i moved?

I say again, was i drunk?

Well of course i was, but that’s not the point.  Not the point at all!

Yes, it was very frustrating for a little brainless chap like me, but it was so good to at last be exploring a place that intrigued me, albeit for only a short time since it wasn’t too long before i did quite a stupid thing – Mr Stupid, see? – and looked at the walk-through.

Well, i’m sorry but the frustration of semi-knowing but not quite being able to put it all together just got to bursting point, and i’m afraid i didn’t want to leave bits of myself all over the laptop.

In fact, i’ve since read a fair few reviews of this one, and then wish i hadn’t because they all seem not to have been at all fazed by any of it at any time – you little geniuses <tsk, tsk, roll eyeballs>

So, call me Mr Stupid if you like <will you?> but, yes i found it frustrating and difficult to work out what was what, but also had a great time knowing i wasn’t getting anywhere fast and would end up heading for the walk-through at breakneck speed if i didn’t make any progress soon.  And i think that kind of thought when getting nowhere fast, is actually quite rare.  Or is it just me?

On the other hand, i did have a sneaking suspicion that google-ing Byzantine Perspective might prove super-useful.  But did i do it?  Did i jump up and down at my own super-intelligent-genius-like qualities? Huh! No of course i didn’t.  Because in my feeble little world i imagined i would be cheating.  And as dear ol’ mum always says, ‘you’ll only be cheating yourself’, or some such thing.  Well how wrong can you be? <not you mum>

Very wrong is the answer.  Turns out i’d have enjoyed it even more than i already have if only i hadn’t listened to mum. <eek!>

So, it frustrated me and just made me want to start google-ing stuff and run headlong into the walk-through, but when all’s said and done…

I really, really liked this.

Good job that man!

Mr Stupid fluffs you.

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