IF comp 2009 – Interface

October 12, 2009

Now, it’s not that this is a bad game.  It’s just strikes me as one of those games that is likely to be pretty swiftly forgotten.  But hey, what do i know.  Judging from a few of the other reviews i’ve seen, i’m on my own on this one.

I repeat, it’s not that this is a bad game.

So what is it that bothers me so much about it?

Well, that’s kind of the point you see.  I’m trying to find positive things to say about it, but it’s all just very…  nice. I like positive you see.  Doesn’t seem to like me much<aw, sniff!>, but that’s another story.  But to be positive about something, i really do feel it needs to touch you in some way.<snigger>

…and, well, when it comes down to it, this strikes me as simply too ordinary.  The setting is unexceptional, the game-play makes me think i’ve been there and done that before – even if i haven’t – and by the time you get the hang of moving, which isn’t difficult anyway(and i’m not saying that’s a bad thing) you kind of forget you’re in the body(!?) of a robot.  Until that is, you’re reminded when you, for example, try to climb the stairs or something.  I’m not going to get into the minor errors because that would just be picky and plain un-fluffy.  And i couldn’t stand that.  Imagine being un-fluffy.  No, just doesn’t bear thinking about.

There’s simply no point to life without fluff!

So, moan over then.  And i already feel so very guilty about it too.  On to the good stuff then. <woo-hoo!>

It’s easy to do the good stuff.  For a start, apart from the odd niggle here and there, it’s remarkably well implemented.  Even little things i tried pretty much knowing it wouldn’t work, actually worked. <squeals of delight>

Here’s a simple example.

What do you want to move?

You continue to move in starts and fits like a first-time driver behind a manual clutch.  However, you are getting smoother movement as you continue your attempts.

I know, it should be one of those things that you should expect to be implemented as standard, but more games than not don’t seem to be able to handle stuff like that.  Or do i just play all the wrong games?  Maybe it’s that.  Maybe it’s all just me being me.  Yes, could very well be that now i come to think of it.

The erroneous statement here,

That would be less than courteous.

appeared for seemingly no reason.  But as i said, i’m not too bothered about this kind of thing.  It’s to be expected every now and again of course – of course? of course? is this just me feeling guilty about moaning again? it’s possible – Anyway, onwards and fluff-wards.

I like games that implement xyzzy.  Don’t ask me why.  It just sits well with me.  And low and behold(and what’s that about?) this one does <more squeals and woo-hoos>.  Have a look.  Go oooooonnnnnnnnn, you know you want to.

Almost magically, you digest the ASCII characters XYZZY, break them into their binary counterparts, run them through several algorithms, and find that the only fruits of your analysis is the phrase: “Nothing Happens.”

Yes, i know nothing happens, but i still like it.

Think i’m gonna end this one here, partly because i didn’t really enjoy the 2nd or 3rd play-throughs and i don’t want to be moaning anymore and the guy has really tried, no seriously now, he’s really tried with this one and it does show and i appreciate it.  I do, i really do <honest>

…and partly because i can feel this really lovely wine doing it’s wonderful job.  Does that mean i’m a bad person?

Tsk! no, i’ll always be fluffy.  How could you possibly doubt it.

[Updates are possible when i’ve stopped drinking wine]

fluff rules!

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